Hello. My name is Habib.

I am a technology enthusiast with a focus on mobile consumer tech. Technology has been a massive part of my life - Apple tech in particular; software, hardware and services. My relationship with Apple began in 2008, when I took ownership of my very first iPhone, the iPhone 3G. Except for the iPhone 5c and SE, I have owned and used every iOS device since then.

Chambyte will serve as an outlet to geek out and document my experiences in the form of reviews, opinion pieces and commentary on topics relating to Apple technologies.

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“Ask a room of computer geeks how they came to deserve this appellation and you’ll likely hear many similar stories. “I got my first computer when I was very young. By the time I was a teenager, I’d logged thousands of hours at the keyboard doing everything imaginable with my computer: gaming, programming, networking, upgrades, the works.”

Geekdom is not defined by historical entry points or even shared experiences. A geek must possess just two things: knowledge and enthusiasm.”

John Siracusa - Hypercritical

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